Colossal’s Flirt Fail.

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For nikorechan! I love you so much!!!!!!! <3

Work hard and believe in yourself! You can do it!

Courtesy of Gajeel and the shocked Rouge….

(Your brotha motha Gajeel!!) (aka mommay B)

(nikorechan= baby B)

**Note: Chizuru is nikorechan’s icon on her tumblr, so I used her as a medium for nikorechan…LOL!

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Happy Pre-Valentine’s Day again!!!

Juvia shows her love for Gray by secretly gushing over him, and planing to win him over, not matter the cost! Of course, Gray says hello to the girl that seems to be staring at him, but Happy quickly notifies him of the underlying situation. Then Gray comes to the ultimate realization of what’s REALLY going on…

OH LOVE!!!! It can truly madden the wielder, the beholder, the one caught in the crossfires…basically anyone within its grasp!!!! Cupid makes a fool of us all!

Yet the energy is unparalleled to anything else on this earth, it is the most precious, most powerful thing on earth…

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What if…Grandeeney loved Igneel? CRACKPAIRING

Or maybe I’m a genious.

Guys, seriously. Do you see the akward dialogues they have with each other?

How Igneel get’s irritated with her every second and she’s just like “Oh, I’m taunting you, and I’m loving every moment of it.”

And how when he told her to leave she had those weird moments? Look, man, I think she’s bullying him for the attention. She’s not just trying to irritate him for the sake of irritating. I think she secretly has a crush, like how some people tease the crap out of people they have a secret thing for.

Remember when she said she hopes Wendy and Natsu get along more then how Natsu first had that strained relationship with Gajeel? HINT HINT!

Translation: I hope they get closer so we can get (*cough*) closer. Hey when they hang out, you know, we could chat quite a bit. Talk about the Dragon Times with a cup of sheep blood, or something. Or some snacks at Stardusts? PLEASE?

And when she finished annoying Igneel she ended it off with, “I look forward to the day we meet at the Dragon King’s Feast.” Maybe she meant…

Transation: I look forward at seeing you that day, Igneel.(Interested)

or also

Translation: You can try to shoo me away now, but I’ll be back to use my crappy flirting skills to annoy you and creepily show my interest. I’M A IRRITATOR BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, I’M A TROLL, I LOVE YOU, FOR GODSAKES LOOK AT ME I’M DESPERATE.

It just might be…

And if I’m right, I’m treating myself to expensive confectioneries, a top hat, and other riches from the money I’ll be collecting from my friends. And of course that spa treatment somebody bet.


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SASSY GAY FRIEND STOPS STING EUCLIFFE PART 2 (PLEASE LOOK FOR THE NEXT PARTS AS WELL) Click pictures to see and read full scenario/captions

Meet Sting Eucliffe from Hiro Mashima’s manga, “Fairy Tail.” He is about to let his dangerous and capricious plan roll into action behind the scenes of the Daimatou Enbu. The grief of loosing his first and closest best friend, Lector, is causing him to go mad deep within his soul. He is truly craving only one thing in his heart: REVENGE. This fate could have been avoided if he had a Sassy Gay Friend.

I really wish this could happen: if sassy gay friend could stop Sting Eucliffe from making a big mistake, during the turning point (and perhaps approach of the end) of the Daimatou Enbu.

Sting, your working yourself too hard. I think your going to make a royal f*ckup with this whole revenge thing.

So Sassy Gay friend is coming to the rescue in this sassy comeback to save Sting Eucliffe from making a deadly and fatal error.

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(Fan made hilarious pics/PARODY)

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